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Color me unimpressed

February 26, 2022

I suppose it’s inevitable that when military conflict arises somewhere in the world, people suddenly appear to call for the US to get involved. Sometimes, it’s a relatively well-known jackass of a writer who, having previously expressed his disdain for military personnel, now tweets something like this gem.

Other times, it might be someone local who argues on fecesbook that “We all need to go over there an (sic) fight”. My experience has been that such people are more than willing to send others to fight and die, at least when the risk of their having to do the same thing is virtually nonexistent. They are, generally speaking, not the first to line up at a recruiting station to volunteer. Actually, they seem to never do so.

The best line from the movie The Patriot? This one, from Gibson’s character, Benjamin Martin, comes toward the end of the clip: “I will not fight. And because I will not fight, I will not cast a vote that will send others to fight in my stead.”

Finally, there are those like the person who, when I expressed the above, asked me “So it doesn’t bother you that innocent Ukrainian lives are being taken unprovoked? We should do nothing?” though I had neither said nor intimated anything of the sort. Of course, it bothers me and of course, something should be done. I am not willing for that something to be spending our blood and treasure (especially our blood) in the Ukraine.

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  1. Old NFO permalink

    Concur. We are not capable of being the world policeman anymore…

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