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The Refugee Question…Again

January 7, 2016

I’ve not written about the large number of people entering Europe and North America from the Middle East and North Africa. I have, in private conversation, questioned the wisdom of allowing in large nubmers of peole from societies with values inimical to those of the receiving country. Other, however, have written about it and written about it well. Chief among these, from my perspective, is Bayou Rennaissance Man. He provided a number of thought producing posts on the topic, including this one, this one and this one.  His concerns, voiced by a number of other people, have been largely portrayed as xenophobic and/or racist by the majority of media and political figures. The left, as is so often the case, seems incapable of recognizing risk until it becomes unavoidable.

The New York Times is reporting the sexual assaults and robbery of large numbers of women on New Years Eve. So, too, did the German Berliner Morgenpost (unless you can read German you’ll need to do what I did and use your browser’s translate function to read the article). This relates to the refugee debate in that the men are described as being of “North African or Middle Eastern” appearance. Now, even Politico has published an article addressing concerns that were expressed elsewhere months ago.

Here are my conclusions.

  • It is foolish to bring into your country large numbers of people who not only have values inimical to your own but who also have demonstrated a reluctance to assimilate to a new culture.
  • Especially when looking at large numbers of people, age and gender ratios matter.
  • Helping others does not mean you must do things that are contrary to your national interests.
  • Culture matters, especially when it comes to crime and national security.

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