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“Bloomborg” alert!

May 1, 2019

Yesterday, April 10, 2019, William Connell Cawthon, Jr, published a brief article on Medium. Entitled “Beware the Bloomborgs,” it is worth your time and, as a 7 minute (or less) read, it won’t take much of it.

“Bloomborg” is a creative label. There’s some good stuff in the article, but I want to focus on one thing. As regards the debate over the right to keep and bear arms, Cawthon writes

“The U.S. is engaged in an epic battle involving an agenda that won’t work pitted against issues that don’t matter.

The Second Amendment isn’t an issue because it isn’t going to be changed. Bloomborgs could control the White House and have supermajorities in the Senate and House of Representatives and it still wouldn’t happen. There aren’t enough states that would support an amendment to repeal. There aren’t enough states that would agree to a constitutional convention to call one.

So instead of arguing about rights the Bloomborgs won’t even admit exist, the battle needs to change. Even the buzzwords need to be refreshed.”

While I find Mr. Cawthon’s words a little discomfiting, I recognize the fact that he is almost certainly right. The Second Amendment isn’t going anywhere. I’m just not sure of how we might go about reframing the debate in such a way so as to be more successful than we have been in defending the cause of liberty. Still, the article has me thinking. Maybe it will lead you to thinking more about this, too. Citizens thinking seriously about liberty can only be a good thing.

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  1. OldNFO permalink

    While that may be true, the states WILL continue to do their damnest to limit guns any way they can… sigh

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