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It’s important to do your part

September 1, 2019

Later this month, I will participate in three activities by which I hope to contribute to society in a meaningful way. To wit, I am scheduled to hunt feral hogs two times toward the end of September and to hunt whitetail deer when archery season opens (also at the very end of September).  It is a burden to be so socially conscious, but I shall do my best to bear up under the weight*…and to fill my freezer with yummy.


OldNFO has noted that fall is at least supposed to be in the air. I note that my part of Texas is scheduled to stay near (though hopefully not reach) triple digits for several more weeks, so no long sleeve shirts or jackets anytime soon. OldNFO also notes that with fall comes football. While I’ve always enjoyed a good football game (“good” meaning two closely matched teams who play because they love the game), it has always suffered from a scheduling problem.

hunting season vs football

It’s a relative degree of “don’t care,” but as football seems to be increasingly less about kids having fun and more about…something else, it becomes easier and easier to make fall about me and being outdoors. That said, if you have kids playing football (or engaging in any other extracurricular activity), make sure you give them your enthusiastic support. This means that, among other things, you go to their games and events! You know, like a parent is supposed to do. If you’re a hunter, that’s not preferring football (or band, or debate, or…) over hunting. It’s putting your kids ahead of your pastime. The truth is, unless you are one of the relative few who absolutely depends on hunting to feed your family, it’s a pastime. So, go to your kid’s game. The game animals will still be there when your kids have moved out and are on their own.

*I am also tentatively scheduled to hunt deer, once more, when the general season opens, but I don’t know if I am capable of shouldering such a load of responsibility. One can only do what one can.

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  1. OldNFO permalink

    Well put, and while hunting is putting meat on the table (hopefully), you can always go hunt, but you can’t always go see your kids participate in sports.

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