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My reasoned response

June 23, 2022

The Supreme Court has ruled that the New York requirement to show just cause before one may be permitted to carry a firearm for self-defense is unconstitutional. It is, I submit, the only reasonable decision.

Suck it, statists.

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  1. CPT Taggart permalink

    I have spent the last hour reading the decision.

    It is a masterful piece of scholarship by Justice Thomas, repeating and reinforcing Heller and McDonald and step by step demolishing the leftist/statist /progressive argument ” the Second Amendment does not REALLY mean what the plain words mean… there are penumbras and emanations… ”

    Reading the dissent is enlightening “… the Constitutions plain words do not mean what they say because, ya know… criminals use guns…”

    This appears to open the way, nationwide, for “Shall issue” in all previously ” May Issue” jurisdictions.

    As a final observation, I would not be surprised if the leftist ” Court Packing” movement starts up again.

    Now I must go get ready to teach a handgun carry class.

    • I’ve read it, too. It is, indeed, masterful. Those long years of writing well-reasoned dissects are coming to fruition in many ways.

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