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A light saber? Really?

Okay. After a couple of years of being behind, I’m finally all caught up with the Harry Dresden series main story line. I have to admit I never saw the Waldo Butters as a Knight of the Cross, with a lightsaber no less, thing coming. I’m ready for #16, now!


As you are almost certainly aware, Elizabeth Warren has dropped out of the race to be the Democratic nominee for President of the United States. In addition, she has, so far, not declared her support for either of the two remaining candidates who have any realistic chance of becoming the nominee. There are now two rather obvious questions to be asked. The first one, the biggest one I submit, is this: Which of the two old, white men will the “party of diversity” nominate? The second is related to it. Which old, white man will Warren now support?

New Puritans?

The title of this post has a question mark because the Puritans, to some extent, have been treated unjustly by history. Regardless, I believe the following observations by a Brit are worth considering.

No one dares speak in the UK. There is no freedom of speech — that is an illusion.

And it is not about being thrown off Twitter. Or banned from Facebook. Those are private companies that, arguably, can be as partisan as they wish.

There is no freedom of speech because the ordinary man and woman can no longer say how they feel. They cannot question what they are being forced to accept. They cannot express a different view if they want to keep their jobs or their homes.

When the truth is classified as hate speech, everything is an arrestable offense. America has had a taste of this. But it is nothing compared to the UK… yet.

Here no one speaks. Speaking outside approved thought results in a police officer at your door. Just as West Yorkshire Police came to my door late at night to intimidate my children and threaten me with prison time if I did not hold my tongue on majority Pakistani grooming gangs.

The New Puritans are coming for America too. You may think you already have them, but what you have in America is just the warmup act.

The only reason America maintains some semblance of your First Amendment is because of your Second.

Your right to bear arms is what separates you from us; it will maintain your right to speech when the time comes. And it explains why the future Socialist party (the former Democrats) are working so hard to take your guns away. Compliant acceptance is the power base of the Puritanical mob

When the mob comes, they are not coming for your voice. They are coming for everything you have.

Be prepared to defend it with your life. If you fail, they will take that too.

I encourage you, RTWT.

A celebration of sorts

Dead dictator day

‘Nuff said.

Really? You don’t say…

From NBC’s insightful analysis we learn that not only did Joe Biden win the Texas Democratic primary, but, get this, his win was a “surprise victory.” No. No it wasn’t.

shocked face

I didn’t vote for him (or any of his Democratic opponents) but his win was anything but surprising. The only people who seriously thought Bernie was going to win were those who believe Democrats (and Republicans, Libertarians/libertarians, etc) are some monolithic group…the same, everywhere they are found. I submit that to most Texas Democrats, Bernie is a bridge too far. Biden’s win was not a surprise. Bernie was never going to win in Texas. “Yes,” you say, “but it looks like Bernie won in California.” Uh huh. Please see “monolithic group” above (especially if you are on the American left) and make up your mind. Is California the utopian opposite of Texas (a belief which I frequently encounter) or not? If it is, if attitudes and beliefs in California are so much better than in Texas, so much more progressive, so much more of everything that is good and noble, then Bernie’s win there, and his loss in Texas, should come as no surprise. On the other hand, if Texas Democrats are as “woke” as some others are claiming, Bernie should have won Texas handily. That did not happen. It will be interesting to see how Bernie does down the road, especially at the convention. Question: if Bernie does not win the nomination, will his supporters stay home come November?

We hates it! We hates it forever!

To channel my inner Foghorn Leghorn, “Change, that is.”

Today, I read an interesting re-post on Sarah Hoyt’s blog. I also read something on OldNFO’s blog. Those got me thinking.

I was largely raised in and around newspapers and print shops (when not on the farm or doing the commercial fishing gig), way back in the days of lead type. By the time I was out of that environment, photo-offset was the norm. For large-scale printing, it still is. However, third-party typesetting, leading to what was called “camera-ready copy” was well on its way to becoming the norm for a lot of the printing industry (though not for newspapers). And then, one day, the thing happened.

The “thing” was, of course, the explosion of the internet into everyday life. In my experience, almost no one, including most of my fellow nerds, geeks and dorks, really foresaw how things would change. That was certainly true of the people I new in the newspaper industry. Newspapers had successfully weathered the onslaught of televised news. Newspaper publishers and editors argued, largely accurately, that while televised news was great for breaking stories, if one wanted truly in-depth reporting and analysis, especially on a regular basis, that was the realm of which newspapers were the undisputed rulers. Then, we had another “thing.” Enter Matt Drudge, stage right.

I hate the hyperbolic clickbait which proclaims “this changes EVERYTHING,” but I don’t think it’s easy to overstate the impact of the Drudge Report. It was, I submit, largely responsible for amateur or citizen journalism becoming a real thing. It has affected not only newspapers, which are an increasingly lesser factor in news, but also broadcast journalism. I don’t think we have seen, yet, what the final result will be. What we have seen, though, is the newspaper industry beginning its slow exit, stage left. While I suspect they will survive, I don’t think they’ll do so in their current form. With the possible exception of a few large dailies, I suspect print newspapers will focus on local markets, including both rural communities as well as neighborhood papers for larger cities. I have no evidence, mind you. It’s just what I’m thinking.

Change. I don’t really hate it. Nor do most other people. What we hate is the lack of predictability and the discomfort that lack brings. Meh. Life is change.

By the way, while I already miss what newspapers once were, if you have the frame of reference to understand OldNFO’s post, then you’ll likely understand why I celebrated the demise of Autovon. I can’t tell you how much I hated Autovon. Talk about a change for the better…

And the next step…

Okay. The first revision of my submission to the Baen Fantasy Adventure Award is finished. For all of you real authors out there, that may not be much, but for me it’s a major accomplishment. Now, it’s on to the beta readers!