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A personal comment, nay, a rant

August 21, 2020

Listen up, Scooter. I know you’re a relative of my step-daughter’s SO. I know that you tried to help her change the serpentine belt on her car when it broke just a few miles east of Van Horn, Texas. I know that you were traveling, with your mom, in a second vehicle, traveling in tandem if you will. I also know that when you didn’t like her suggestion for how to proceed (which, as it happens, is the correct way the belt is to be changed), your little ego got hurt and you tromped off into the boonies to go sulk. I know you had started drinking that morning, jackass. Fortunately for you, your mom was also there with her car, so you didn’t leave her stranded in the middle of nowhere. I would have been…annoyed…when I arrived. Still, you walked off.

Walked off? Really? To go sulk because you are so fragile you couldn’t handle having a young woman give you advice? What kind of man does that? The answer, of course, is that a man doesn’t throw silly, childish, little baby fits. Of course, a man with any sense doesn’t normally start drinking at 0730 either, especially in the heat of a West Texas summer. As regards the drinking, based upon that episode and what your relatives said, you have a problem.

I’m told you finally managed to find a ride back to Abilene. I’m glad your stupidity didn’t lead to your death out there. There was no reason for your family to have to grieve because of your delicate ego. For what it’s worth, Scooter, if you do the belt change correctly, it takes 30 minutes or less, not the 4+ hours you tried in vain to do the job.

This rant is hereby concluded.

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